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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Disk scan always starts when you turn off your computer in a hurry. It can be a system crash or simply power cut. The scan disk scans your hard disk for bad sector. It is always suggested that you turn off your computer properly by the recommended method.

turn off your computer

turn off log off stand by

Always check out battery of ups (uninterrupted power supply). Still, you must scan your hard disk once a week. Open you’re my computer and right click on a drive. Then go to the properties.

my computer

There you will find a disk cleanup option. This option is used to cleanup your disk by deleting unwanted files. You can recover some hard disk space by doing this.

disk cleanup

After that, click on the top tab that says, tools.

hard disk properties

In the tools tab, you can click on the disk scan and the defragment. It is recommended that you first do the disk scan, and then defragment the drives.

scan disk

We will discuss the de-fragmenting drives in the later posts.


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