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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Filename Extensions

Ever wondered what is the file extension of your favorite software. There are many file extensions that we don’t know. Today am going to share a site with you, which will tell you about various Filename Extensions. There you can search for softwares and the website will tell you what is the default extension of the software. You can also search by extensions and you will get specific information about the extensions. Sometimes these tools comes very handy, there are a lot of softwares that keep there extentions hidden so that they can keep some informations away from your, so keep this site in your favorites for future use.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Data recovery

One of the greatest places for data recovery is the San Francisco data recovery areas. Raid data recovery is a specialized task which requires enough knowledge and care. Specialization in data recovery is very important as data can get lost if handled incorrectly. do take extra care while recovering data from disks.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Disk scan always starts when you turn off your computer in a hurry. It can be a system crash or simply power cut. The scan disk scans your hard disk for bad sector. It is always suggested that you turn off your computer properly by the recommended method.

turn off your computer

turn off log off stand by

Always check out battery of ups (uninterrupted power supply). Still, you must scan your hard disk once a week. Open you’re my computer and right click on a drive. Then go to the properties.

my computer

There you will find a disk cleanup option. This option is used to cleanup your disk by deleting unwanted files. You can recover some hard disk space by doing this.

disk cleanup

After that, click on the top tab that says, tools.

hard disk properties

In the tools tab, you can click on the disk scan and the defragment. It is recommended that you first do the disk scan, and then defragment the drives.

scan disk

We will discuss the de-fragmenting drives in the later posts.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Virus and spyware are a major reason why our computers get’s slower. Most of us have anti-virus programs, but the spyware and ad wares don’t get removed by these anti-virus software’s. To remove these spywares stuff you need some other kind of anti-virus software’s. Spybot and adawares se personal are two such software’s. Ad aware se personal is one of the best spyware and adware removing software. Also it is free. You just need to go to it’s website and download it. Once it get’s installed and updated, scan your computer with it. After the scan you will get the options to delete the spy stuff from your computer. After this is done, you will see a good increase in your computers speed.

ad aware se personal

Spyware is a real threat, do you want a browser cookie to do spying in your computer. This is what spyware dose, it tells the spy servers about your Internet usage and all your private data is made public. But you can remove spywares, there are a lot of methods to remove them. We have already discussed about the deletion of the browser cookies. Also a lot of spywares attacks registry and ad aware se personal is good for this. There are a lot of such things, spyware, adware, keylogers etc. and removing these is very important.

For the virus stuff I recommend the Norton antivirus. At pack.google.com a 6 months free subscription of Norton is available. The version is 2005 and it’s pretty good. Also adaware se personal is also available there, and all this is absolutely free. Also the combination of Norton and ad aware is good, and I strongly recommend it for a safer and faster computer experience.
Want to get some hidden space from your computer. System restore is by default turned on, just turn it off and you will get a lot of space back. So what is system restore, it a feature where your computer simply saved the files you deleted, programs you uninstalled, and things like that. To be very honest, you can get in problems; as if you turn it off them you can do nothing if the system crashes. But then, how many times have you used system restore, almost never. There is absolutely no reason why so much space should be left wasted. Therefore system restore should be turned off.

To do this, you simply need to right click on my computer, and go to properties. On clicking the properties, system property will open. In the system restore tab click on the box that says, turn of system restore on all drives. That’s it, then apply and ok. This will instantly give you a lot of space back. Just backup your data regularly, and you won’t fall in any problems.

system properties