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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Want to get some hidden space from your computer. System restore is by default turned on, just turn it off and you will get a lot of space back. So what is system restore, it a feature where your computer simply saved the files you deleted, programs you uninstalled, and things like that. To be very honest, you can get in problems; as if you turn it off them you can do nothing if the system crashes. But then, how many times have you used system restore, almost never. There is absolutely no reason why so much space should be left wasted. Therefore system restore should be turned off.

To do this, you simply need to right click on my computer, and go to properties. On clicking the properties, system property will open. In the system restore tab click on the box that says, turn of system restore on all drives. That’s it, then apply and ok. This will instantly give you a lot of space back. Just backup your data regularly, and you won’t fall in any problems.

system properties


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