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Monday, January 22, 2007

Manage your computer better, with disk management. Disk management provides you with the facility of creating and deleting drives on your computer. This one of the greatest features of windows xp that allows you to instantly regain your disk space.

To go to disk management, just right click on your “my computer”. After the right click, click on the manage link that comes in the right click menu. You can see in the figure. After you click on the “manage”, you will get the computer management dialog box. There you click on the disk management.

desktop: mycomputer right click

In disk management you will find a lot of options. Simply right click on the free space there and you will see an option telling you to make a new drive. Right click on a drive and delete it, all data will be instantly deleted with it.

computer management disk management

Disk management is the best way to make a drive out of your unpartitioned space. Don’t let free space go wasted, make the most out of your space. In the next post, I will give another method to regain some more space from your hard disk


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