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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Some times you see your computer starts freezing. You try to launch a program and it dose not start. Your games don’t run and the system crashes. System hangs and you can’t help it. Programs get’s slower and you thing it’s a virus. But actually there is some other problem. This mainly happens because of the windows run time files get corrupted with time. It happens, it’s the nature of windows operating system and the experts says that system has lost few files and thus system is unstable. Many will suggest that you should have a format. But there is an easy solution.

Yes you can replace your corrupted files. For this there is a simple command “sfc”. If you are using windows 98 then simply go to run. There type in, sfc and you will get the sfc wizard. Start it and give it windows 98 cd and it will replace the corrupted files with the new files from the cd.

For windows xp it is not all that easy. In xp you will have to open the command. Go to start --> run and type their cmd. You will get the command window. There you will have to type in sfc /scannow.

command in windows xp for sfc /scannow

You will get the sfc dialog box. You will have to provide it with the windows xp cd.

sfc dialog box in windows xp
After that all the corrupted files will be replaced. And you windows installation will be fresh and perfect again.


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