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Friday, January 19, 2007

Make your computer work faster. Just think, you may have bought a nice computer, a latest one. Yet after some time say a few weeks of use it becomes slow. It may take some time to open and give you the desktop. Do you know why this happens? This is due to the programes that starts automatically at logon. But you can choose the programes, which you want to start when your computer starts. For this, there is a secret command. Msconfig, this command launches a dialog box that helps you to choose which programs you want to remove at the start of your computer.

To do this: simply go to run, the shortcut for run is windows key + r. In the run dialog box, write msconfig.

run dialog box

Then the following msconfig dialog box will appear. After that simply go to the start up tab, and there you can remove the ticked entries. Once you clear the box, the particular software dose not get’s auto launched on startup.


This little thing helps you to start your computer quicker. Also there are a few viruses that starts at computer starts, so I suggest you to tick off those which you don’t want to start automatically. But then don’t remove your antivirus software from start up, or some important things, as this will create further problems.


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